Not getting very far.

January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

A bit belated but better late than never.  The snow is getting a bit boring now.  I was sick of it before Christmas (ba-humbug) but only because I fell over whilst I was walking the dog.  I hurt myself too and had big purple bruises to prove that I shouldn’t be allowed out in the snow.

My sewing exploits haven’t been making much progress either. 

This pile of string blocks proves it.  I did actually manage to sew them all together but need to get to my local sewing shop because I don’t have enough wadding to quilt it yet. 

To cheer myself up I made this cute little cushion for the reading corner at school, although my daughters like it and want to keep it for their room.  I went a bit ‘freestyle’ with the quilting but I really enjoyed it.

I came across a website called ‘365 days of free motion quilting’ and it has inspired me to order a free-motion foot for my sewing machine.  I think I might be being a little ambitious here and free-motion quilting might be one of those things that I wish I’d never tried but on the website they make it look so cool and easy.  We’ll see what I can manage when it comes through the post, I’m imagining my tears of frustration already.  I’ll let you know how it goes.